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Reave [reev] : To take away by force; plunder or pillage.

Reaver [reev-r] : Plundering forager, one who reaves.

Strangers in a strange land. That’s what we were. What we are. What we expect we’ll continue to be.
What we are has much to do with what we are not. A Reaver does not wait for permission. A Reaver does not choose a course based on the direction of others. A Reaver does not allow a plan to inhibit the way forward. These things, we remember.

We are comfortable being uncomfortable. We will pursue our passion relentlessly. We will create unapologetically. We will share our creations zealously. We will take risks. This is no mere vocation, but a way of life.


Reaver Beach was founded by newlyweds Justin and Kristin MacDonald in the Fall of 2010. What began on a small pilot system has grown into a production-scale brewery specializing in hop-forward ales and wild fermentation in oak.

Justin MacDonald is the head brewer and President of Reaver Beach. He has travelled the world with his family; Justin, his brother, his mother, and his father are all veterans of the United States Air Force. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Master of Business Administration degree from Old Dominion University.

Kristin MacDonald is the Vice President and reigning boss-lady of Reaver Beach. She is a Virginia Beach native and long-time entrepreneur. Our salty air and ocean-going culture are a part of her. She is the matron, taskmistress, and our driving force.

About Reaver Beach Brewing

Reaver Beach Brewing Co. was founded in 2010 by newlyweds Justin and Kristin MacDonald. To Justin, Virginia Beach is something more than a spot on a map.
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