Reaver Beach Brewing Co., is home of the legendary Hoptopus Double IPA and maker of award-winning craft beers and wild sour ales. Established in 2010, we are the oldest craft brewery in Virginia Beach and our team is passionate about craft beer and service to our customers. We’re constantly experimenting with local microflora and unique ingredients to create magical and exciting beers.

Expanding with a new location in Norfolk

Reaver Beach Brewing Co. is coming to Norfolk, soon to occupy the historic post office building at 3800 Colley Ave.

This location will feature a large taproom space, pouring all your Reaver favorites, along with new craft special release beers to be produced on the pilot brewing system we’ll install on site. Food trucks. live music, and good times will abound.

We couldn’t be more excited to be part of the rapidly growing North Colley district and look forward to seeing new faces and old friends in what will be an incredible space to experience the craft we love so much.

Note: this is a second location – our original production center and taproom in Virginia Beach will continue to operate without interruption.

Also note: this is a big project for us and we do not have a completely firm timeline for opening yet, but will post updates as things progress.

Heya, Norfolk!


Returning to the taps this Saturday, 4/20:

PILLAR OF BONES (6.0% ABV) – The latest in our series of hazy, juicy IPAs. Brewed with a grain bill and water profile to tune the softness in just right, then nuked🚀 from space with piles of Ekuanot, Falconer’s Flight, and Idaho 7 hops.

Waves of tropical fruit and sticky, resinous pine flood the palate, complimenting the easy drinking mouthfeel. Draft + Growlers while this juicy guy sticks around.


Presenting a brand new addition to our wild beer family:


SERPENTINE (7.2% ABV) – A blended wild ale, aged in oak barrels with fresh sugar pumpkins and pineapple sage. Fermented with wild yeast and souring bacteria native to our Coastal Virginia home. 

 With a deep orange hue, Serpentine slithers through sweet gourd character, florid herbal notes, and bright acidity. 


If you’re reading this, it’s too late, friend.

Talent at home goes wasted, its carcass picked clean.

Such is our reverie, a delusion contrived by power unnamed.

Savor the illusion. 

Smile while you’re allowed.

We’ve only just begun.




Introducing: BLACK CROW (10% ABV) – Imperial Coffee Stout, aged in whiskey barrels for 7 months and conditioned on Bourbon barrel aged coffee from Monstro Coffee Co, organic cocoa nibs, and Madagascar vanilla beans.

Black Crow is an amalgam of our Under the Black (Brownie Stout) and Murder of Crows ( Double Coffee Stout), but amplified in ABV and barrel aged. Chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and oak all work in tandem to assault the senses.

He of the Murder.
He of the black feather, of decay, of death.
And yet, of rebirth and life renewed.




MURDER OF CROWS (8.0% ABV) – Double Coffee Stout, brewed with English chocolate malt and conditioned on a heap of Bourbon barrel aged coffee from Monstro Coffee Co.

Bold notes of espresso and Bourbon pair with the dessert-like quality of lactose and residual malt sugars, offering your senses a feast of aromas and depth of character.


Spontaneous Sour


The culmination of nearly 4 years of work, Tidal stands with the best spontaneously fermented beers in existence.

TIDAL (5.9% ABV) – a spontaneously fermented, oak aged blend of 1-3 year old barrels of mature wild beer.

When we first set out along this path of using native Coastal Virginia microflora in wild fermentation, it was just an idea. We installed a Coolship without knowing for certain whether or not spontaneous fermentation would work in our climate. Ours was the very first Coolship in Virginia.

The process of making spontaneous beer seems a simple one, but is deceptively challenging in practice. We make a starchy, complex wort with barley and unmalted wheat, boil with a heaping dose of our aged hops, then rack into our Coolship while still hot. Overnight, the wort cools and is inoculated with wild yeast and souring bacteria present in the air around the brewery. From there, it’s racked into oak barrels and allowed to ferment without further influence or any yeast added.

This can only happen under certain weather conditions, and the brewer is at nature’s mercy. This makes it challenging. This makes it exciting, particularly when it goes right. Tidal is such a special beer to us, because it’s representative of the things that have gone right, and the hard work that’s paid off.

With character of funky lemongrass, freshly baled hay, and ripe stone fruit, we feel that Tidal stands with the best spontaneously fermented beers in existence. We are beyond excited to finally share this long term project with you and offer it on draft and to go in 500ml bottles* at our 8th anniversary this Saturday, 11/3.

*Due to the very small bottle count, there will be a limit of 1 bottle per person so come early*

Shout it from the rooftops!

Our sour and wild process includes a Virginia first: a coolship. This open-top brewing vessel, rarely used in the United States, allows open air to inoculate the brew with wild yeast and bacteria.

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