Reaver Beach Wants You to Celebrate Your Friends at Galentine’s Day Mini Market

February 8, 2023

Valentine’s Day has most recently been a day of sickeningly sweet and overtop displays of affection. The giant teddy bears, oversized chocolate boxes, and massive bouquets of flowers are the hallmarks of a classic Hallmark holiday. Might be great if you’re a couple, but plenty of folks get the ick. The team down at Reaver Beach decided to break those old stereotypes and brighten up the dark days of February.

Reaver Beach is putting friends front and center for Galentine’s Day with the goal of celebrating love and appreciation for your friends (and yourself of course). “Whether or not you have someone to celebrate with on Valentine’s Day, friendships are often some of the most important relationships people have, and Galentine’s Day gives you an opportunity to celebrate them,” said Kourtney Houghtaling, the Events Manager at Reaver Beach.

Even though the Mini Market event is branded as GALentines, Kourtney says the event is for all kinds of friends. Anyone who wants to treat themselves, spoil their friends, or just kick back with a beer for the afternoon are welcome.

Part of the welcoming-everyone vibes is a special menu of “beer cocktails.” These are drinks made from Reaver Beach’s craft beers, but may be more appealing to folks who don’t typically like craft beer. Kourtney says the brewery has seen “uptick in requests for options that ‘don’t taste like beer,’”, particularly at big events. Reaver’s menu of beer cocktails includes a ton of punny names and interesting recipes, like “You Can’t Sip With Us,” a peach nectar juice, and light lager mix. Tatia, the taproom manager, curated and named this weekend’s lineup specifically for this event.

Of course, the real star of the show is the Mini Market. Thirteen women-run small businesses and makers will be vending inside the brewery. The lineup features a number of unique products that are especially good for gifting. Art, jewelry, plant pots, soaps, sweet treats, and more will be for sale. According to Kourtney, the vendors will be celebrating Galentine’s along with the event attendees. “They also happen to be friends and fans of each other too!”

This is the second year of Reaver Beach’s Galentine’s Mini Market celebration. Catch it at 3800 Colley Avenue in Norfolk this Saturday, February 11th, 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm.

The Beer Cocktails

“Love you a Brunch”

A tasty twist on a mimosa! Made with our tropical fruit-forward Hazy IPA and orange juice.

“I Can’t Talk Right Now, I’m Doing Hot Girl $h!t”

A liquid embodiment of “hot girl $h!t”, this light and refreshing mix of our American Lager with rosewater and mint-infused pink grapefruit juice will definitely quench your thirst.

“You Can’t Sip With Us”

Get in loser, we’re going drinking! Sip on this delicious mix of peach nectar juice with our light and bubbly lager.

“Berry Best Friends”

We’re the berry best three friends that anybody could have! I mean, the three berry best friends that anybody could have! Toast your besties with this sweet mix of our Gose w/ Strawberry and Orange Juices.

“Thank You For Being a Friend”

A classic, like the Golden Girls. Our French 75 seltzer is a riff on a cocktail made w/ Gin, Champagne, and Lemon. This seltzer-mosa is mixed with fresh lemonade to make it tart and refreshing.

Food Truck:

Flippin’ Hangry


  • BeeKindDaisyCo.
  • Bee Lysko Art
  • Books & Et Cetera
  • Broken Yeoman
  • Fairy Hair by Chelsea
  • Flutterby Soaps
  • Ginger Sweets Macarons
  • Lizzie B Crafts
  • Pit Posh Canine Designs
  • Project Seed Coffee
  • Sylene’s Gems
  • The Flower Craft Shop
  • Tumbeezy Cookies

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